5:00 PM We Are Not Saints St. Mark's Episcopal Church 320 Franklin Street Geneva Closed
6:00 PM Step 'N' Up 12 Step Fellowship Club 8 E Wilson St Batavia Closed
7:00 PM Thursday Night Women's Bethlehem Lutheran Church 1145 North 5th Avenue St. Charles Closed
7:00 PM Thursday Night Men's Chapelstreet Church 2300 South St Geneva Closed
7:00 PM Thursday Night LaFox Lord of Life Church 40W605 IL-38 LaFox Big Book, Open, Step Meeting
8:00 PM Geneva Thursday Night First Congregational Church 327 Hamilton Street Geneva Closed
8:00 PM Bulletproof with God Home 2818 Caldwell Ln Geneva Closed, Discussion, Speaker
8:00 PM It Really Doesn't Matter St. John Neumann Church 2900 E Main St St. Charles Closed